Terms & Conditions

Prime investigations Terms and Conditions

1. Prime Investigations “the Company” has been commissioned by “the Client” to conduct investigations regarding a third party “the Subject / Claimant”.

2. Those investigations will be carried out by a licensed investigator on the day, time and at the location requested by the client; or, as determined by the company in consultation with the client.

3. In performing the investigation the company will at all times use it’s best skill, expertise and judgment. However, it will at no time undertake any conduct or action which is or could be considered unlawful or unethical.

4. The client is an adult being over the age of 18 years.

5. The client is required to provide relevant background information concerning the subject and accepts that the quality and reliability of this information can affect the outcome of the investigation. The company will complete the assignment in a professional manner, but cannot make any guarantees as to a specific or likely result.

6. The client undertakes not to use the information obtained as a result of the investigations for purposes which are illegal.

7. The client confirms instructions have been given to the company to undertake investigations at the rate specified on the website fee schedule, or as per that client;s correct corporate rate.

8. The company will assign a Case Manager to liaise directly with the client and report to them on the status of the investigation. For operational reasons it is not possible for the client to have direct contact with the investigator.

9. Investigations which take place beyond the range of the company’s national network incur travel costs and other expenses. The client will be advised of those costs before the investigation is commissioned or commenced.

10. All instructions provided by the client and information obtained by the company in the course of its investigations shall remain confidential and will not be disclosed by the company to any parties other than the client.

11. The company collects personal information concerning various parties to enable it to carry out an investigation. That information is handled in accordance with the company’s Privacy Policy and will not under any circumstances be used for any marketing purposes.

12. The company does not use tracking devices, bug or hack phones or use methods identified as being illegal.

13. Our investigators are licensed and permitted by law to expose, obtain and record visual images (photographs and video) of a subject. They are not permitted to record sound or voices or to capture audio of a subject.

14. For operational reasons the company does not permit direct contact between the client and the investigator conducting the surveillance.

15. Investigations are carried out on the date scheduled irrespective of weather conditions. Investigations take place rain or shine, unless conditions endanger the safety of the investigator.

16. The bView live streaming system is supplied to the client free of charge and utilises state-of-the-art technology including secure internet data transfer and IP networks. There may be occasions when IT systems beyond our control are offline or non-operational causing delays, interruptions, or the non-transmission of images. Such situations are not deemed to be grounds for a full or partial refund as the service was supplied at no cost in the first instance.

17. The company’s investigators are instructed to obtain extensive video illustrating the subject’s activities whilst remaining undetected. However, there is always an element of risk in any surveillance investigation. Sometimes situations occur where even the very best investigators encounter problems such as the subject is inactive and remains indoors, or the subject drives at high speed and is lost in traffic; or resides with relatives / close associates with a similar appearance making identification difficult, or they may reside in a location not considered ideal for discreet surveillance (see below). Whilst every effort is made by the company’s investigators to carry out their investigations undetected, sometimes because a subject is surveillance aware, or because of the awareness of unrelated parties such as neighbours, our investigator may be compromised. In such situations the investigator will not under any circumstances confirm that the subject is under investigation, nor will our investigator divulge or confirm the identity of the client. The success of an investigation can also be affected by the location where the subject resides or works. Almost all investigations are conducted from a motor vehicle. In remote/rural areas and in suburban streets where there are few vehicles parked on the street, the investigator may need to take up an investigation position some distance from the subject. The company can minimise the impact of these unpredictable situations on the investigation outcomes through experience, enhanced technology and our quality management systems.

18. Any surveillance footage recorded in the course of your investigation will be archived for a period of three (3) months and then deleted from the system. If you require a DVD copy of your investigation footage you can order this up until the expiration of the three month time limit.

19. The company has the right to refuse to undertake any investigations it deems to be in breach of the company’s policies, its licence conditions, or the law.

20. I, the client, confirm that I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the company’s Investigation Agreement. By commissioning an investigation I acknowledge acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

For any questions and notices, please contact us.